2017 Seedstock Producer of the Year

UBIA President Shannon Allen Presented the Seedstock Producer of the Year award to Shane Walker at the UBIA Annual meeting on November 30, 2017 in Salt Lake City.


Life in Delta, Utah helped instill in this year’s Seedstock Producer of the Year values such as hard work and family, and a desire to earn his living as a rancher. These have served him well and are a big part of what has led to his success today.

Shane Walker started out ranching by helping out a few local ranchers on their own places. In 1999, Shane married the former Kristie McPherson, and together they began building their life and their own operation. In 2002, Shane began his herd of Black Angus cattle with the purchase of six registered cows. Since then he has worked to grow his herd by studying which genetics he can use to improve the herd which now numbers around 30 registered cows. He also works hard on the management side looking at the feeds and nutrients he provides for them so they perform to the best of their ability.

Shane has a vision for the future of his livestock and he strives always to improve upon what he has. Part of this vision is to infuse into his daughter Ronnie and his son Gavin the same values that have helped him be successful. Gavin helps his dad with both the cattle and their Alfalfa operation where they produce alfalfa hay on about 400 acres around Nephi. Shane loves teaching and discussing what his vision is for the future and figuring out the best way to reach his goals.

In addition to his own herd of cattle, Shane also works with other family members to calve out 300+ cows each year on one of the top registered Angus herds in the area.

Shane’s involvement and vision doesn’t stop at the farm gate though. He is also active in serving the industry he loves. For the past five years, Shane has served as a member of the Board of Directors of the Utah Beef Improvement Association and has served as the Association Treasurer since 2014.

Like the saying goes, ‘Do what you love and you will not work a day in your life.’ It is Shane's love to be a rancher and a farmer.

It is with great pleasure that the Utah Beef Improvement Association recognizes Shane Walker and SAW Cattle Co. as the 2017 Seedstock Producer of the Year.